Guiding Principle To Clean Print Head

Printer ink cartridges are costly. Hence, it is important here to protect it as much as you can. As an alternative to this one can clean the print head himself to make sure, it last long working. Here we are going to talk about some guidelines regarding how to clean print head of your printer.
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Before you start the cleaning process, you have to check the type of the print head. Almost HP ink cartridges have the print head on the cartridge, but other brands may differ. One can take the information from the manual and various websites. First, you have awareness about the situation of the print head that will help in the process of clean print head.
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Use filtered water, dip a soft cotton swab into it, and wipe out the syringe. Do not touch the copper colored area, as it is very delicate.

Remove the cartridge and put it under running hot water for 10 seconds.

To clean print head needle fix the cartridge first and then swab it with filtered water.

Now dry the cartridge with soft cotton cloth and leave it idle for the time it dried up.

Re establishes the printer and bring into line with printer alignment function.

If your print head is inside the machine then you can repeat the process mentioned in step 4.