Solvent Ink types and its Uses

Solvent Ink-The word Solvent means the printer ink made by using different kind of solvents known as organic components which are oil based liquids. These types of inks are use for various types of commercial ink-jet printers where as personal and office ink-jet printers use water based aqueous ink. Just like aqueous ink solvent ink too use for printing directly on plastic and non-absorbant material.

Solvent Ink is use to make signs and banners and is highly resistant to UV radiations, scratching and weather conditions. There are two types of solvent inks that is hard solvent ink and eco-solvent ink. Hard solvent ink dries very quickly and is quite durable whereas eco-solvent ink dries very slow and has less durability.


Pigment is used in solvent ink which provide resin that make color stick to surface and a fluid that keep the resin in liquid form till ink is applied to ink-jet printers.when the ink is supplied to printer the fluid evaporate in drying stage. Fumes are produced in drying stage by any solvent ink whereas eco-solvent ink do not require aeronavigation in printing area.

Heater is required in ink-jet printers that use eco-solvent ink to dry the ink properly which is not needed for hard solvent ink.Hard solvent ink is quite durable for outdoor use whereas the durability of eco-solvent ink is also very high. Water based ink can also be used for outdoor use but it has less durability than solvent inks and need plastic to stick to surface.


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