Some Profits Of Uv Ink

Here at Blank Media Printing, we only use the best. Our system includes the use of 6-color, UV cured digital inkjet technology. 6-color ink has got a leg up on 4-color. Because of its two extra colors (light magenta and light cyan), there are millions of different color combinations that can be created to give your product the best and most accurate image. 6-color printing is especially beneficial when printing images of faces onto your disks! The color depth and quality of a 6-color printing system is unmatched by any other and we use it here at Blank Media Printing!

UV Ink

Not only do we print with two extra colors than normal printers, we also use UV ink. This means ink that is dried with strong UV light, not heat or chemicals. The benefits of this system know no bounds. Introduced in the 1960s, UV ink increases production speed, reduces reject rates, gives your disc scratch and solvent resistance, and is better for the environment.

1UV Print Head Recovery Solution (32 oz)

With UV ink, your image will not rub off or scratch. The color value is also second to none, as you can print in colors ranging from transparent to translucent. UV ink are used in many other industries as well, including the automotive industry. It also makes it so that we can ship your custom disks the same day we receive the order! It’s extremely fast to dry with UV light. It takes no more than a few seconds.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit of UV ink is that it is more environmentally friendly than solvent-based inks. Instead of using heat, UV ink rely on a photochemical reaction and the ink dries lightning fast. Less chemicals are used in this process, and the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is virtually nonexistent. UV cured ink is made out of largely biodegradable materials, such as plant and biomass, where other inks are made out of chemicals and heavy metals.

Only the Best

At Blank Media Printing, we only choose the best when creating your custom printed disks. Our 6-color, UV cured digital inkjet technology is above the rest. Our two extra colors allow us to give you a pristine image on your custom printed disk, and we can ship it to you faster than anyone! We are dedicated to giving our customers quality products with less impact on the environment, and your wallet.


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