Is Your Epson Print Head Clog ?

Clean up the sponges wherever the over-spray and wasted ink go. One is found below the print head once it’s “parked”. the most effective thanks to access it’s to show on the printer and whereas the print head is moving throughout the ability up method, disconnect the printer. Killing the ability can halt the print head in it’s tracks, turning it off can park the epson print head.

Epson DX2-Black Printhead Recovery Service for Mutoh Solvent Printers

With the waste sponges exposed, begin obtaining the surplus ink off them. I used plain tissue paper with as very little “fuzz” as doable to blot the sponges and take in the maximum amount of the ink as doable. I conjointly did identical for the over-spray sponge that runs on the breadth of the print path (this is that the sponge that collects ink if the printer prints once there’s no paper, or the additional ink wasted on borderless prints). One all the excessive ink was off from the sponges I used AN alcohol primarily based, ammonia free glass cleaner (Sprayway brand) to moisten the sponges, then additional totally absorb ink from the sponge.

Epson DX2-Color Printhead Recovery Service for Mutoh Solvent Printers

The glass cleaner acts as a solvent of kinds to assist take away the residual ink out of the sponge. Finally, with the sponge clean, I place atiny low quantity of the glass cleaner on the sponge and supercharged the printer duplicate then turned off the ability usually, that lay the epson print head on the sponge. Left it long. This allowed the epson print head to rest on the sponge dampened with glass cleaner. following day, I supercharged up the printer and ran a nozzle check and one cleansing (just permanently measure). That cleared my troubles.Be sure to show the printer off once it isn’t in use for over on a daily basis.


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