1 . Firstly, one need to dispense with the ink cartridge from the carriage and seal the oral cavity from where the ink discharges. Seal the cartridge to keep them from drying. For this, you simply need to place the cello tape with the goal that the ink won’t run out.

2.   Raise the implies that hold the print head and ink cartridge set up and expel the whole print head from the printer. Spill high temp water on the unclog print head until it gets clear. It will take few minutes. Place the print head in the heated water and splash it for 60 minutes. At that point, focus on stoped up example.

Cleaning Printer

3.   Attempt to put the water at the opening of the unclog print head so ink streams into it. One can do it by holding the valve and utilizing water weight on it, in the event that you don’t have any viable way now. You can likewise utilize a plastic syringe, which you get alongside the cartridge refill pack.


4.   In the event that you perceive more colors are turning out, it implies you are doing great in expelling the ink from the unclog print head. Keep this up until you get no ink through it. After this, let it empty for few minutes and get it dry.


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