Procedure To Fix Print Head

Today, we are going to discuss about the one of the most common problem of the printer – how to fix print head?

The main reason for this problem is the ink cartridge not established properly or the ink refill is defective or the print head requires cleaning. To fix print head issue refer the following solution.

Vutek Spectra 256

Perform the reset

•    Click on the power button to turn off the product.

•    Cut off the power cord from the electric means.

•    Keep it for 30 seconds.

•    Reconnect the power plug. to the printer.

•    Turn on the power to the printer.

Clean the electrical links

•    Clean all the links on print head, turn on the printer, open the cover, and press the ok button for five seconds.

•    Wait until the cartridge carriage move to the left side of the product. After this release ok button and unplug the electrical cord.

•    Raise the print head bolt and pick up the handle  on the print head to check that the message has been disappear or damaged or not? Pull the print head out.

•    Take a soft and dry cotton cloth and clean all the points in the print head.

•    Be aware that no ink remains left and print head is dry when you fix print head.

•    While waiting for the print head to dry, clean other electric contacts.

•    At last, restart the power plug and proceed to fix print head and start working.


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