Advantages of Epson Print Head

As the latest technologies are coming in the market so as there are innovations in the vertical of inkjet printers. Epson has created one of the well known MicroPiezo TEP print head which is having extra-ordinary performance and stands for a height of expertise in the Epson’s history.
Epson DX2-Black Printhead Recovery Service for Mutoh Solvent Printers
Here are some advantages of Epson print head:

  • It has the capacity of switch 10 separate ink channels that is utilized for screening algorithm results in better color and quality.
  • It ensures reliable color balance regardless of light basis.
  • New ink keeps away the needle’s blockage.
  • It creates numerous sized dewdrops as small as 3.5 picoliter which helps in optimizing photographic quality.
  • It has auto black ink channel supply.
  • Epson print head is having a unique manufacture apparatus.
  • Tremendously perfect emphasize on shadow detail.
  • System automatically executes head cleaning if needed.
  • It aligns both solo and bi-directional print approach.
  • Plunger authentication is achieved in 30 seconds. It utilizes less than 1ml of ink.
  • Specialized print durability score.
  • Epson print head has fixed sensor which highly precise arrangement of all colors.

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