Solvent Ink – An Overview

New solvent ink for the printing purpose has been emerged as the most recent choice for the printers. These inks have water base. These are largely used for printing purposes due to the ability of it to stay on the non absorbent material. These solvent ink often come with the features of scratch resistant, water proof, and fade proof. Because of this, it has greatly increased the usefulness for the outdoor purposes.

These solvent ink are actually three parts to the solvent ink i.e. pigment, resin and the carrier fluid. On the contrary, solvent ink technically implies to the ink that has a portion of oil based carrier portion to it that helps in keeping the other components in the form of liquid just one it is applied to a surface via dissolving of the jetting. The presence of pigments in the ink produces color in the solvent ink and are applied in powder form in order to produce the best quality color. These color producing pigments adhered to the printing material with the help of resin that is a part of the solvent ink that actually helps in making the color stick. Thus, helps it protecting from the damage.

Talking about the eco solvent, it is a type of non water based ink that is produced from ether which is extracted from refined mineral oil. However, the term eco is just an incorrect assumption as this form of solvent ink do not comprise of any raw material that is ecologically conscious neither the process is as per the ecological standards. Hence, it is just a false assumption regarding the word eco. In fact, solvent ink, are known to be soft or mild ink. This ink is suitable for the printer as it has slow dry time along with this need there is need for multiple heaters in the printer.
On the contrary, there are aggressive solvent that are known for their hardness and are believed to be true solvent. This kind of ink dry fast as it makes use of quickly absorbing solvent formula, thus, it allows prints to be made on such kind of surfaces where lot of heat cannot be easily handled. If both eco solvent and aggressive solvent is compared, then it is found that aggressive solvents are more weather proof and scratch resistant. Besides this, aggressive solvent works on a wide range of materials. Furthermore, the ink o produced becomes glossy on drying as it comprises of certain kind of additives and resins.

Talking about the cost of the ink, it is almost similar when purchased in the form of cartridge. As a matter of fact, manufactures of printers have build bulk ink insert options that helps in saving the ink cost as it is earlier believed that aggressive ink printers makes use of about 10% more ink in comparison to the mild ink printers.


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