Various Latest Methods To Repair Print Heads

Printers have replaced paper and pen from everywhere. Nowadays, every business houses, companies, schools, college and even households makes use of printers. However, while using printers you may face many problems. In fact, one of the most common problems that are common is the clogging of the print head. As a matter of fact, there are basically two types of printers i.e. the one that has a built-in print head into the printer like that of Canon and Epson and the others where print head is built into the ink cartridge such as Hp.

In fact, in almost every printer it is difficult to remove print head out. Hence, it will be difficult to carry out the cleaning process. However, out of all the clogs that occur in printers, the one type where printer sits idle for long time without being put to use is the serious one. The ink within the cartridge may get dry like that of a hard rock. There are various ways to repair print head. Hence, very first thing is to complete the print head cleaning cycle at least 3 to 5 times. For this, one must first read the instruction manual as provided by the printer itself or you may take the help from internet where you may find the required information to run the cleaning cycle. After the completion of running the cleaning cycle, you must check the printout. If there is improvement, then let it cool for some time and then again continue. On the contrary, if there is no change or the situation gets worse, you must move to the second method of cleaning the print head.

The printing quality must be checked only after running the cleaning cycle for several times. There is no need to check the print out quality after the completion of each cleaning cycle. This will result in wastage of ink as well as paper, but must be checked only when the print head is badly clogged. If the problem persists, then you must observe methods that are more advanced. You may buy cleaner form any reputed store. The cleaner may work for every brand and you must keep it every time you face this type of situation.

You can also follow the second step where you have to turn on the printer and watch the movement of print heads. At the same time, while it is moving, just unplug the power cord of the printer. Try to move the print head back and forth with your fingers. Now take the paper towel and cut it in such a way that it is one and a half inches wide and 3 inches long. So that, a strip of about one-half inches wide will be formed. After this, put some drops of head cleaner on the paper towel then try to move print head so that it will come over the paper. Thus, the wet paper towel may get wet for some hours, which in turn help, in keeping the print head with the head cleaner. This method is considered the most effective method in unclogging the print head.


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