Various Factors Responsible For Ink Refill Evaporation When Not In Use

Ink cartridges used in the printer often evaporates. Those people who regularly make use of printer, the ink will definitely get finish due to regular use. On the contrary, those people who rarely make use of the printer still can see level of ink goes on diminishing with the time. Here are listed some of the reasons why this happens:


Solvent gets evaporated

The ink used in the printer is formulated in such a manner that if not used it may get dry. This is actually done to make sure that when prints are taken, there will be no problem of smudge on the paper. Hence, the soluble component may get evaporated.

Inappropriate switching off

One of the reasons of getting the ink refill dry is when the printer is not turned off first and is unplugged. Because of this, the printer does not get time to park its print head resulting in exposure to air ultimately leading to fast evaporation. However, this is not the end there can be more complications. The print head in just 30 minutes can dry up completely and may get sealed. In this case, the user has no option either he has to follow a time consuming and lengthy process of clogging or cleaning the print head or may have to completely discard the ink cartridge.

Limited use

When printer is used after a while, a part of the ink is used up in cleaning the print head. Therefore, in this way some of the ink gets used up. However, it is not at all possible to use all the ink without even printing one page by just turning the printer on and off.

Syringe within the cartridge

Once the ink get emptied in the inkjet printer, it is mentioned on the refill kit that ink is to be injected into the cartridge by making use of syringe. With the help of syringe, a hole is poked into the foil seal of the cartridge. After regular use, the perforation may become large enough producing all the possibilities where ink may get evaporate. The ink cartridge is actually made up of a glycol base, water and other related chemical pigments. The ink becomes thick, when the liquid part in the ink gets evaporates. The thick ink may block the print head. Hence, proper instructions mentioned on the refill kit must be followed and necessary precautions must be taken.

Defective cartridge

There may be chances, the ink refills are defected leading to leakage of ink. Hence, when ink refills are not in use the ink may get leaked and thus gets finished off. Therefore, it is better to check the ink level to keep a constant check. However, it is common that all liquids may get evaporate after a certain period of time. Some liquids dry up faster while some take time but at the end, liquids get dried up. Similarly, if printer is kept idle for longer time, there are fair chances of ink being dried up with the time. Hence, best way is to make use of printer from time to time to prevent drying up of ink.


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