Process Of Refilling The Ink Cartridge

One may get ink cartridges from various resources for the purpose of refill. However, buying the ink refill is considered the best way to do so. A lot of money could be saved in this way. Every online shop specialized in this particular area may provide wide variety of ink cartridges. Along with the ink cartridges, the online stores also provide the necessary tools as well as required instructions for refilling the empty ink cartridge with the new one. The instructions to be followed are not that difficult and could be followed with ease and convenience. Here are listed all the instructions step by step that will make the process of refilling the ink refill extremely hassle free.

The first step to be followed is to take out the ink with the help of syringe provided with the refilling kit. As ink may get spill it is better to carry out the whole process in the sink so that there is no fear of spilling of ink. Hence, clothes and documents could be saved by making use of the sink to take out the ink from the ink refill. However, the amount of ink taken out depends on the size of the tank. Some manufacturers provide heavy ink tank. The ink tank size varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In order to inject the ink form the cartridge, a hole has to be created at the top of the ink jet. The hole must be made near the label with the help of pen or anything that can prick a fine hole. Ink should be injected slowly so that there would be no formation of bubbles as well as foaming that may arise due to fast injecting of ink. In case this kind of problem arises then one must hold the cartridge and keep doing it up and down then stop the process suddenly. This will ultimately solve the problem.

Once the hole is made there is no need to reseal or refill those holes that are made with the sole purpose of ink injection a there are already o many holes made for breathing.

If there is only one syringe then it has to be cleaned every time different ink colors are to be refilled. Therefore, to avoid such type of trouble, it is advisable to buy different syringes for different ink colors.

After the refill of the ink cartridge, one must try to run the cleaning cycle for at least 3 times along with this; one must make sure that there is no gap left in the printing process. On the contrary, if the gap still persist then try to run it again and repeat the whole process until the problem is solved. Just before fitting the ink cartridge, try to hold it upside down to check whether is there any leakage or not.

Apart from these, one must make sure that the ink cartridges are completely empty before the refilling process. If not then try to empty it completely.


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