Cleaning And Maintenance Of Ink Cartridge

The print head in the printer comprises of microscopic nozzle that can clog when is regularly exposed to air. Efforts are made to design the printer in such a way so as to prevent the nozzle from drying up. There are two most prominent problems faced by printer ink refills i.e. faint or streaky printout and the other problem arises when ink cartridge are not recognized. However, these problems can be solved if certain precautions are taken.

The first problem is most commonly faced when the printer ink refills is not empty causing the print to be streaky and slightly faint in color. With the passage of time, the ink gets accumulated on the print head resulting in drying up. This results in blocking up the nozzle ultimately resulting in streaky print. The easiest way is to clean the print head. For cleaning purpose, a paper towel is required and folded in such a way so as to increase its thickness. Dip one of sheet into the distilled water and carefully apply on the print head to remove the ink build up. While wiping out, try to wipe out in the direction along the length of the printhead.

After cleaning the printhead, even if too much ink is left on the print head, then one must make use of extra paper towels. Try to use the moist paper towel it will help in cleaning the printhead thoroughly and without much effort. This will help in solving the problem of faint and streaky print. For solving the second problem, certain steps have to be followed. The strip and the contacts on the printer cartridge are made up of copper. With the time and regular use, copper oxidizes leading to blockage in current flow. Furthermore, dust and dirt may accumulate blocking the contact with the printer.

In this case, printer may suddenly stop recognizing the printer cartridge. However, this problem can be rectified easily. For this purpose, one must make use of standard NO2 pencil. With the help of this pencil, carefully apply pressure and rub the electrical contacts. While rubbing, copper oxidation will be removed resulting in golden color of contacts. While cleaning up the printhead make sure that the metal eraser holder do not cut or scratch the electrical strip. As this may damage the contacts on the print head making it useless for the use. However, there are some cartridges where there is presence of hollow space behind the electrical strip.

Hence, one has to be careful enough not to puncture the electrical strip by applying too much of pressure over the hollow space. This can be cleaned with the help of isopropyl alcohol and with the help of a moist paper towel. Never use the alcohol directly on to the print head to clean it. Alcohol should be applied only on the electrical contacts on the one side of the print cartridge. Now the printer cartridge is ready to use and cartridge could be re inserted into the printer for further use.


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