Types Of Inks For Printers

An ink is a consumable component that contains ink and is marked on the paper. Ink cartridges are usually expensive, however, a considerable fraction of the cost of the printer. In order to save money, many people use compatible inks from a vendor other than the printer manufacturer. Hence, best cost effective way is to refill themselves or to take them to refillers or manufacturer where ink can be pumped into the cartridge. Another option can be the consumer can purchase bulk ink and refill the cartridge himself. There are basically two types printer ink refill i.e. the standard dye based ink and the pigmented ink. Here are listed the difference between the two ink types that are used in printers.

The dye-based ink completely dissolves in water just like sugar that dissolves in water. Because of this, these inks flow much better than any other available inks and are highly used in printers. If by chance, water hits the paper, the dye-based ink will flow across the paper. On the other hand, the pigmented ink does not dissolve totally. The pigmented ink particles are somewhat thick, tend to settle on the paper, and hence are more water-resistant than the dye based inks. There are chances that if water hits the paper then only 5% to 10% of the ink will re flow.

Dye based inks have molecules that easily spread out resulting in quick fading. Furthermore, if this ink is exposed to direct sunlight or any chemical, the ink will get faded in about 6 to 12 weeks. Similarly, if the ink is protected from direct sunlight than it can last long for several years without being actually faded. On the contrary, pigmented ink can last long for several years provided it could be protected from sunlight and air. However, in both cases it is necessary to protect the ink from direct sunlight only then will last long and will not fade easily.

In dye-based inks, there is more possibility of getting several colors that result in colors that are more vibrant. Nevertheless, in case of pigmented ink there are limited colors. Additionally, the pigmented black ink is slightly light in color in comparison to black dye based inks.

Canon printers use pigmented ink refills. Certain Canon ink refills like BCI-6BK, BC-23, BCI-3EBK and BCI-5BK make use of pigmented ink whereas the rest of the canon cartridges makes use of dye-based inks. In the same way, some Lexmark and HP ink refills uses pigmented inks while some use dye based inks. In fact, Compaq black cartridges make use of only pigmented black ink. Likewise, new versions of Epson cartridges make use of only dye-based inks. Pigmented inks are actually more expensive than dye based inks. One must cover the workplace with newspaper and take care that the ink does not get spill. If the hands are stained with ink, so they can be washed with water and soap. In spite of this, the best and cheap alternative is Re-ink store.


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