Different Ways Of Cleaning The Printhead

The microscopic nozzles present in printhead can clog when regularly exposed to air. In fact, the printer is designed in such a manner so that the nozzle is prevented from drying out when the printer is not in use. If a printer is not used for a long period, then there is a possibility of it getting clog that results in decreasing the quality of print. In order to clean the printhead, unclog the nozzle. One should start cleaning the printhead when dots and lines are missing from the printed texts or graphics. Here are listed different ways of cleaning the printhead:

Cleaning the printhead from the control panel

Firstly, press hold the power button followed by resume button six times and then releases the power button. This will help in cleaning the printhead successfully.

Cleaning the printhead from the embedded web server (EWS)

There are two methods of clean print head from embedded web server. One may opt any one of the two methods for cleaning the printhead. These are as follows:

Web browser

One must type the IP address that is assigned to the printer in the address bar of the web browser.

Information tab in the printer toolbox

One must click the launch button present in the embedded web server group. After this, click the settings tab followed by clicking the printer services in the left pane. Here select the option of cleaning the printhead from the drop down list that is available in the print quality section. Click the button apply to start the cleaning process.

Cleaning of printhead from the printer driver

Start button is to be clicked and point to the settings. Now click printers or printer and faxes that are displayed in the new window. Here, right click on the icon of printer and then select properties. Click the printing preferences button available on the general tab. Click on the button of service tab followed by service this device, then finally click the printer services tab, and then click the button of clean print heads.

Cleaning from the toolbox

In order to access the toolbox in Microsoft windows, there is an icon of printer settings on the taskbar right click on it. Now click on the open toolbox followed by licking the printer services tab. Here, one must select the option to clean the printhead and follow the instructions that are present on the screen.

While using a printer one may encounter many problems. As the print head always works with the printer, it is liable to be clogged and get dirty after some time. Hence, print head can be cleaned manually at home, provided one must know all the essential aspects of the printer, which may include self-protection, knowledge about the ink as well as the printer type, and avoiding any spilling of liquid on the printer.

Moreover, instead of repairing the print head one must buy a new print head as an investment is almost equal for most of the ink jet printers. One can look up online portals for discounts on printers.


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