Things to Consider Before Cleaning The Print head

While using a printer one may encounter many problems. A print head is a small part of the printer which moves with ink jet printers in order to create an image on the paper. It is the easiest medium although ink is inserted in the hard copy material. As print head works with the printer all the way, it is liable to get clogged as well as dirty after some time. Hence, one may easily clean the print head at home, provided one must know the essential aspects of the printer.

Some of the things to consider for cleaning the print head listed below are as follows:

Ensure Self Protection

One must be extremely careful about their hands and eyes and ensure they are fully protected before handling the different parts of the printer. The liquid which is used to clean print head can cause extreme irritation on the eye if not handled properly. One should never touch the inner parts of the printer when the plug inserted in the power socket as petty accidents can happen anytime, even with the most vigilant person.

Knowledge About the printer type and ink

With the advancement of the technology, markets are flooded with a lot of models of printers. As every printer has its own print head, that can be either removable or irremovable. Make sure that the printer allows the individual to clean the print head at home because there are some machines that may need the intervention of the company registered mechanic. Some companies have the facility of sending their representative to the clients home in order to repair and clean the print head as some machines are complicated and it is not possible to lift them up to the repair shop.

Find the accurate place of the print head

It is very necessary to know the exact place of the print head in the printer. Some companies engrave their seal somewhere around the print head, so one has to careful and should not play with the seal. Because if the seal get tampered the company will not accept the printer for servicing. In case an individual is not sure about the location of the print head in the printer they must seek the help of the company representative. The individual may have another option that he may refer to the instruction manual as furnished with the printer.

Avoid spilling of any liquid on the printer

One must never use any liquid directly on the printer. In spite of this, one must use a damp cotton cloth with the liquid for the purpose of cleaning the printer head. There are companies which often give damp cloth with the printer for the purpose of cleaning the printer and the print head  must be cleaned at home only.

Moreover, blocking and malfunctioning of the print head can also be associated with the damage of the underlying motor. Therefore, one must check all the parts of the printer are working properly. Moreover, instead of repairing the print head one must buy a new print head as investment is almost equal for most of the ink jet printers. One can look up online portals for the discounts on printers.


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