Buying Guide For Printers

Printers are essential peripheral devices that perform a critical role as they provide electronic information into output. Today’s competitive world, buying a printer can be confusing as the market is flooded with different brands and types of printers. Hence, buying guide is necessary that provides the necessary information and the entire required criterion in order to buy the epson print head. Here are some factors listed that can be helpful in buying a printer.

Printing technology

It is one of the foremost factors to be considered. The choice should be based on how the person work and the type of output the person is expecting from the printers. As there are lots of options available it becomes entirely difficult to choose the right kind of printer. There are different printers available like Inkjet printer, laser printers, and dye sublimation. Thus, one must choose depending upon the requirement and the type of work the person wants to do.

Usage of Printer

As there are lots of options available, hence, some printer are god for general printing, some are capable of performing specialized task, and there are some printers that can combine several functions into one machine.



If a person takes a lot of photos, he must consider getting a photo printer. Photo printers are generally in the form of ink jet printers, which are capable, of printing both photos and text, as well. Thus, the most important factor to look into an ink jet printer is the photorealistic quality.

General purpose

A general purpose printer is capable of printing almost everything, which may include, photos as well as text. However, one must choose a general printer with a laser format if there is the need to print more text than photos, however, one must choose ink jet printer if there is a need to print more photos than text.


These are usually those devices that combine several functions into one device, which may include, scanning, faxing, copying and printing. These devices are extremely alone and are easy to install as there is no need to install separate devices to carry out the different functions. However, one must note that individual components may not be upgradeable. Moreover, these multifunction devices are available with either laser printers or available with ink jet printers.

Handling Paper

While purchasing a printer one must make sure that it can accommodate all types and sizes of paper. In addition, one must make sure that it can handle well the heaviest paper with ease and comfort. Moreover, one must choose paper according to the usage i.e. for either text or for printing photos as there will be a difference in the type of paper used in both the processes.


Different printers have different speeds. Hence, speed varies a lot from printer to printer. One must choose the printer which provides the required speed as a lot of options is available in the market.


One of the factors which have to be taken into account is the memory. If the printer has enough memory, then it can handle large graphics and documents with ease. Before buying the printer one must check the maximum upgradeable memory allowed for the printer.


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