What are the different types of printers?

Printers are output devices connected to computer through cable or wireless, thus receive input which further converted into output printing on the paper. A wide range of printers ranging from blank and white to high quality colored graphic images are available. With the advancement of the technology, printers have a variety of qualities like resolution, color quality; speed of printing moreover, comes with multipurpose functions like printer, scanner, photocopier, and fax. Depending upon the needs, different types of printers comes with modern technology. There are mainly two types of printer available in the market, namely,


In impact printers, there is a key that strikes the paper so as to make a letter. Thus, prints only one character, a page or a line at a time, resulting in slow speed. These can produce carbon copies, producing a lot of noise. Intensity of noise can be reduced by using the covers. Print quality is usually low and these types of printers still used in some law offices, but with better quality of letter, that closely resemble office type typewriters. Canon ink printer is the most commonly used impact printer. These are extremely old, terribly slow and make noise. The key component is the print head which is 1 inch long and consist number of tiny pins aligned in a column varying from 9 to 24. The print head consist of several hammers that force each pin to strike the paper at a certain time. The printer receives the data from the computer and translates it to identify which character is to be printed and the print head runs back and forth, or up and down motion, with in the page and prints the dots on the paper. There are usually 24 pins.


Non impact printers are most widely used printers. These are incorporated with high speed and are quieter than impact printers as these have fewer moving parts. Non impact printers can produce both graphic and text. These printers print without striking the paper i.e. no physical contact with the paper. Most common example of non impact printers is Inkjet printers and Laser printers. Inkjet printers are most famous among home and small scale offices due to reasonable cost and good quality of printing. A typical Inkjet printer can print with a resolution of more than 300 dpi. Moreover, good quality ink jet can also print 600 dpi. However, ink refill used in these printers is extremely expensive, and if the printout gets wet, it has the tendency to smear. Moreover, cheap ink can not be used for these printers. Therefore, one has to be very careful while refilling the ink. Laser printers are the fastest printers available in the market. The speed ranges from about 4 to 20 pages of text per minute. Therefore, a typical rate of 6 ppm is equivalent to about 40 characters per second. These produce sharp and crisp images of both graphic and text printing in many fonts (type style and sizes).


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