Printhead Maintenance

Print head is the most vital component of a printer that applies ink to the paper. For many Inkjet printers, print head is also part of the ink cartridge as a single unit. Whereas in other printers, the print head and ink cartridges is separate. Thus, it is beneficial as there is no need to pay extra for the print head every time the ink cartridge changed. There is no need to change the print heads until they wear out. If the printouts come out poorly, the print head must have gone faulty and occasionally gently cleaning the head printer sometimes helps too.

Moreover, if the printed image is unexpectedly faint or dots in the printed image are missing, this problem can be solved by cleaning the print head only, which ensures that the nozzle are delivering low cost ink properly. While cleaning the print head, one has to be extremely careful as liquid (water) has to be put in the printer and one has to touch the printer so there may be chances of electric shock or damages may occur. Therefore, following tips should be followed,

* Before doing anything, first unplug the printer.

* Wear gloves while working on the printer.

* One must wear eye protection so as to avoid any damage to the eyes. Tips are listed below for maintenance and cleaning of the print head;

* Properly clean the print head and every ribbon with a lint free cloth and a 90% isopropyl solution and the environment should be tidy while cleaning the print head. One should always use approved media in the printing application. Operators often use compensate for an improperly matched ribbon and label by increasing the print head temperature or extreme head pressure which results in premature failure of the thermal head.

* Be sure to remove all the rings and the jewelry when ever working near the print head. If the glass etching gets scratched, it will not be useless.

* If both the outer case and inside of the sheet feeder is dirty, it must be clean with a soft cloth moist with mild detergent. The printer cover should be closed properly so that water does not get inside.

* If ink by chance gets inside the printer, it should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

* One should never touch the gears and any other parts inside the printer.

* One never use a hard or abrasive brush, benzene, alcohol, or paint thinner as these might damage the printer components and the case.

* Never apply any lubricant, grease or oil inside the printer.

* Never ever use cleaning sheets with special paper as may jam the printer from inside.

* Print head should be serviced by a certified and trained technician. Through cleaning and right adjustments can increase the life of the print head. Therefore, one must follow the above tips for the maintenance of the print head in order to ensure long life of the print head.


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