Easy And Useful Printer Care Tips

Nowadays, printers have become an essential part of the offices as well as in homes. These printers are, however, known to undergo problems. On the other hand, if taken care of some simple steps, these printers may go a long way and problems can be avoided at the same time efficiency can be improved. Here are listed some of the easy and useful printer care tips that can be followed in order to take care of the printer:

Keep the printer clean from dirt

People often use the printer to print but never bother to keep it clean or cover it. For the long life of a printer, one must keep it clean from inside as well as from outside. This is the foremost necessary step. One must use a vacuum cleaner in order to wipe the dust and dirt from inside the printer. Dirt may get stuck in the epson print head which is mainly responsible for printing. Moreover, one must not use paper that is dirty and as the dust will stick to the paper puller resulting in damaging it and unable to draw the paper properly.

Switch off the printer

When printing is finished, printer must be turned off as this will improve its efficiency as well as saves power and saving power means saving money.

Often use printer

The important thing is that how often the printer is used as it is held responsible for its performance. If the printer is not used regularly, some parts may not work properly thus, creating the problem in printing. On an average, not more than two weeks pass without using the printer.

Use high quality original printer ink cartridge only

One must always use original printer ink, as using other cheap; quality inks will damage the other parts of the printer like print head , ribbons. The original ink cartridges are expensive thus; one must try to search the most reliable source from where they may get cheap compatible ink refills like online store where discounts are also available from time to time.

Use appropriate paper

One must never use poor quality paper as this will affect the quality of print resulting in paper jam, in the printer. Mostly, manufactures specify the type of paper to be used with a specific kind of printer. One must try to use that paper only. In addition, the condition of the paper must also be considered like it should not be folded, bent or torn. One must try to store the paper where humidity is less so that quality of print will be good.

Be careful while replacing the ink cartridges

If the usage of printer is regular, then there will be frequent change of ink cartridges. Therefore, one must be gentle as well as careful while replacing the ink cartridges as if force is applied, the other plastic parts inside the printer may get damaged. As a result, expensive repair or may be buying all the new printer may be required. Moreover, one must remember that part inside the printer are made up of plastic and light metals thus, should not print continuously and give some break when ever is possible.


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